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Stealth Cam Prevent Fuel Tank Theft for Property Developer Client

Stealth Cam Prevent Fuel Tank Theft for Property Developer Client

Jun 13 2018

We're pleased to report that Stealth Cam have prevented thousands of pounds in fuel losses for our client, a large property developer within the Midlands through our CCTV monitoring and mobile security guard patrol services

After receiving an alert due to suspicious movement detected at one of our client's sites, we reviewed the recording and became aware of an unauthorised male on site. One of Stealth Cam RSI cameras that we had installed on site had been moved to point upwards at the sky, which further confirmed the suspicious activity. 

The footage of the unauthorised male and movement of the RSI camera can be seen here. 


It became apparent that the male was targeting the fuel tank located on the client's site.

As soon as a the unauthorised activity on site had been confirmed by the Stealth Cam team, we arranged for a mobile response guard to attend the site. The site was checked, secured and it was confirmed that no damage to the client's site or property has been caused. 

Going forwards, we have arranged for additional manned guards to be posted at the client's site. 

Stealth Cam are based in Nottingham and offer a CCTV monitoring and security guard patrol service for clients nationwide. Feel free to get in touch with to enquire about how we can deter thieves and protect and secure your sites.