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Are There Too Many Security Cameras in Nottingham?

Are There Too Many Security Cameras in Nottingham?

Feb 19 2017

The "No CCTV" nationwide campaign group have turned their attention to Nottingham to ask the question "are there too many security cameras in Nottingham



The campaigners have previously successfully challenged the volume of security cameras in several nationwide locations in the UK with their concern that ANPR cameras can be used as a "mass surveillance tool". The group say that the cameras are an intrusion on people's privacy. 

There are plans to increase security camera surveillance throughout the country as the Police believe that they are effective at combating crime such as burglary.  

The latest figures show that from November there are 78 static ANPR cameras in Nottinghamshire. This is a rise of 20 percent since 2012, when there were 65. Nottinghamshire Police also confirmed that they had 19 mobile ANPR cameras in November. More static cameras are planned for the borough of Broxtowe.

Nottinghamshire Police say that in south Ashfield, where ANPR was introduced two years ago, there has been 36 percent drop in burglaries in the first year and a further 41 percent drop last year. In Hucknall, the cameras led to seven arrests in the first seven days.

Mark Holland, Nottinghamshire Police Chief Superintendent said ANPR has led to "significant arrests".

It's evident from reviewing the facts at hand that CCTV is making a positive impact on the well-being of Nottingham inhabitants.