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Stealth Cams Prevent Burglary Attempt for our Client in Grimsby

Stealth Cams Prevent Burglary Attempt for our Client in Grimsby

Oct 29 2016


A few days ago, our Operations Centre received notification of a camera activation at one of our client’s sites in Grimsby. One of our highly trained Incident Reports Managers immediately reviewed the situation and quickly understood that three unauthorised makes had gained access to the site.

As soon as Our Incident Reports Manager activated our VoiceBox technology to warn the males that they were being monitored, they swiftly ran away from the site as can be viewed on the Stealth Cam CCTV footage below:



To ensure that our client’s sites were secure and that the males had left the site, our security patrols attended the site and Humberside Police was also called.

Once the Police Officers in attendance and our security patrols had completed a full patrol of the area and confirmed that the males were no longer on-site, we left the site safe and secure.

Our experienced security team strategically place camera monitoring equipment at our protected sites to have optimum visibility of areas that are vulnerable to break-ins to ensure that we can monitor and protect our client’s sites from any unwanted criminal activities.

If you have sites or property that would benefit from security patrols or CCTV monitoring services, please get in touch with the Stealth Cam UK team.