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Crimestoppers Launch Campaign to Prevent Metal Theft

Crimestoppers Launch Campaign to Prevent Metal Theft

Sep 11 2014

Crimestoppers are working with their partner Northern Powergrid to prevent metal theft in the UK by raising awareness of the dangers that this serious crime can create for the public.

Often resulting in power cuts for whole communities, environmental damage, destruction of properties and major disruptions for homes and businesses across the country, metal and cable theft put a huge amount of lives at risk.

Watch Crimestopper's video below which explains more about this partnership:


What can you do to prevent metal and cable theft?

- Ensure that you, your children and pets stay completely away from the site by keeping a safe distance from any suspected loose cables or exposed metal.

- Given that exposed cables are extremely dangerous, be careful not to touch or move these as they may still be live.

- If you see any cables that have been left dangerously exposed or witness a theft in action, please contact Northern Powergrid's emergency number on 0800 375675 or please contact the Police.

- You can also give information about a crime anonymously to Crimestoppers by telephoning 0800 555111. 

- To secure your site from metal and cable theft, please contact us for more information.